Open and Affirming Statement
First Congregational Church of Reading, U.C.C.

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Believing that Christ's call — "Come unto me" — is unconditional, we, as Christ's disciples in the First Congregational Church of Reading, United Church of Christ, strive to live out this call to be the Body of Christ. In doing so:

We welcome and embrace all people — people of all races, ethnicities and ages; mental, emotional and physical abilities; gender identities and sexual orientation; economic and social standings, and family and religious traditions. Celebrating the full diversity of God's creation, we invite all to join us in our worship and to participate in the full life and ministry of this faith community.

Therefore, guided by the Holy Spirit and with God's grace, we joyously declare this to be an open and affirming congregation, welcoming and providing safe sanctuary to all.

Adopted 5/19/02 by a Congregational Vote

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