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About This Site

This page provides information on the basic design of the lgpiper.net site. Basically, I redesigned the site as my class project in a javascripting course I took at UMass/Lowell. On the pages linked below, I outline my basic design philosophy and provide a change log for the site-development project. It is actually more of a diary of my further adventures in learning xhtml with css and additional adventures in javascripting.

My original adventures in learning xhtml and css came in another course when I did a web site for my daughter, the famous sound artist, Jessica Rylan.

I also provide direct links to annotated schematics of the basic page structure and to the current version of the default style sheets (for whatever those things might be worth). There are two basic layouts, a two-column layout for pages with a left-hand navigation bar with content on the right, and a three-column layout for pages that have a navigation bar on the left, a news box on the right and content in the center. Both of these page forms are served up with a JS-based style-sheet picker that chooses a style sheet appropriate to the visitor's browser resolution.


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