I thought I'd set this page up so I could post some things I've written. When I set the page up, I hadn't decided if I would do fluffy things, or something more serious. I posted the things I wrote about Stewardship on my Stewardship Pages, and the Open and Affirming stuff is on the ONA pages. Then, of course, my scientific writings are available on my science site.

Anyway, I set this up more than two years ago, and I don't seem to be getting around to writing things here. In the interim, I've started to learn about blogging software, and have been using various blogging venues when I feel like writing something. I set up a TextPattern subdomain on my site, which has essentially devolved into a prayer blog. I'm not quite sure why. Then I learned about posterous and have set up a posterous blog for day-to-day thoughts. Well, they are not really day-to-day; rather few and far between, actually. But it's sort of like instant posting to use posterous, and I'm lazy. All the posterous stuff, and some earlier things also show up on my tumble log. I don't use it anymore by itself, just I just autopost posterous things there. Ditto my xanga blog.

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