This page gives you access to some free tunes recorded by my son, Justin, or my wife and I. Justin is a professional jazz guitarist, and a very good one if I do say so myself. I've converted some recordings from a couple of his live gigs to .mp3 format. There's also a page of .mp3s from a CD my choir recorded. My wife and I are both in the choir. Enjoy.

Free Music Downloads

  • Justin Piper's Master's Recital at the New England Conservatory of Music.
  • Tunes from the fabulous new band, Organ in Orbit, featuring Justin Piper on guitar.
  • Tunes from the fabulous, band, now alas defunct, Planet 3, featuring Justin Piper on guitar.
  • Tunes from my church's CD, Make a Joyful Noise, featuring the flute ensemble of the First Congregational Church of Reading, U.C.C.
  • The old rock standard, Summertime Blues, but by Justin and me. It was part of one of Scott Foxon's music production projects for the Berklee College of Music.
  • Coming soon (I hope): French Songs from the Loo. Hazel and I recorded some French children's songs for one of her classes. We did the recording in the bathroom to get nicer resonance. Hence the "from the Loo" part. Of course, it's also a bit of a pun on "from the Louvre", which to American ears, sounds pretty much like the same thing.

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