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Planet 3 featured Justin Piper on guitar. This group was a bit more like "world music" jazz. In addition to standard guitar (Justin Piper), sax (Steve Giannaros), bass (Matt Giannaros) and drums (Benny Benson), they had a sitar player (Steve Benson). Sorry I don't have all the details. I'm also sorry that the band is no more. I liked some of their stuff quite a bit.

If you need an .mp3 player, check out WinAmp. It provides a much less intrusive interface than either Windows Media Player or Real Player, and is, happily, free.

Live at the Toad

  1. Green Dolphin Street (14.9 MB)
  2. Chank (9.3 MB)
  3. Inner Urge (11.1 MB)
  4. Israfel (11.8 MB)
  5. Footprints (11.8 MB)
  6. Cissy Strut (15.2 MB)

Demo CD -- rough mix

  1. Intro (.45 MB)
  2. Footprints (7.95 MB)
  3. In the Crease (3.28 MB)
  4. Fez -- also known as "Play the Head" (7.16 MB)
  5. Freedom Jazz Dance (3.56 MB)

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