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In 2003, Zachary took me to Hiroshima. Coincidentally, I was also reading a book called Black Rain by Ibuse which dealt with the bombing of Hiroshima. Among other things, Hiroshima if full of strings of paper cranes. I started folding them and have flocks all over the house an in my office and lab. This page will tell a bit about them. If you want to fold your own cranes, here are the best crane-folding instructions I have found.

I'll just start with some pictures. I do realize that the layout on this page stinks. I'll try to fix it eventually. At the moment, I'd rather begin the search for food.

A string of cranes on light pole

A string of cranes in the car

A flock of cranes on a file cabinet

Nerd cranes on my computer

A family of nerd cranes

A mixed-race family of nerd cranes

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