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I seem to have spent too much time in Sunday School when I was a kid. I actually took to heart all that stuff about believing in the sanctity of life. So I ended up thinking that killing people was a sin. Period. I still pretty much feel that way. So, I ended up deciding to be a conscientious objector (CO). I really don't understand how anyone who takes his Christianity seriously can do otherwise. I realize many committed Christians don't agree with me. I think they're wrong. But that's where I am. So eventually, I'll post my thoughts on this topic, and perhaps even the responses I made in my CO application, now some 40-years ago. I find that although the reasoning might be a bit simplistic, I still think it's basically on target.

  • My dog, Brewster and I participate in a monthly peace vigil on the town common. Sometimes our presence elicits some rather strange responses. I wrote about one: "Who(m) would Jesus Bomb?"

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